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Read the essay topic and be sure you recognize what it is asking. Sounds easy but I used to get asked by friends to test their essays and I was stunned by how many had got the wrong idea about the question. If you have time, try to make an essay plan. I'm too bad at doing this but it will help very much. Provide yourself with enough time to imagine about what you want to write. It will also make the writing of the real essay much faster. Always try to respond to the question in the opening para. The rest of your essay is supposed to follow on and give the proof to maintain that answer. It will also help you to outline the rest of your paper. Try to confirm that every point you write is the answer of the question. Be sure that you sustain that point with some piece of facts. Avoid quoting bulky passages from other articles to support your claim. I've found that the clearest essays include short quotes into the writer's own sentences.Check best essay writing service
Try to keep away from being too wordy. The bad essays that I've read are those where it feels like the writer has stepped out of a poor recreation of Shakespeare in Love. Keep away from using slang but try to use your own voice to lucid your point in the clearest way. Try to guide clear of writing in the first person. Be sure your last para answers the question again and sketches an ample end. Try to evaluate your essays with those written by friends who get better grades to see how they make up their answers. You must always write in your own views but it helps to know the design and style. If you get useful advice for your completed essay, ensure you relate it when writing your next essays.


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