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 How to Fix TurboTax E-Filing Transmission Issues?
Auteur: henryrichard00147   
Date:   26-02-19 09:55   >>> Répondre à ce message

The issues in e-file transmission can occur when the tax return process doesn’t get started even after you click on the ‘Transmit Return Now’ option. To resolve this problem you can take help from the steps mentioned below or can directly contact the TurboTax phone number as and when you feel convenient.

• Make sure that the system has been connected to a wireless connection
• If you are using TurboTax online, then update the web browser or try logging on via a different browser.
• Delete all the history, cookies and caches
• Make sure that all other programs have been closed and no other is running except TurboTax.
• If you use the Windows OS, then e-file the return by selecting the Selective
• Startup Mode.


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